0060475 Kopie„Millions“ by Fabian Möhrke
feature film, 84 Min., HD, Cinemascope

Do you play the lotto? If so, why? What do you hope to get out of it? Would you know what to do with 22 million? Take the money? Who would you tell about it, who wouldn´t you tell about it? Would you share? If so, with whom and how much? Why that much and not more? How would you explain the new car or the extra-vacation to your friends, neighbors or colleagues? Would you quit your job, move to a place where nobody knows who you are? How would you look back at your life? Plaintively, with pride, with taunt? Would you congratulate someone, who´s just won 22 million in the lotto?

Torsten (end 30s), wasn´t looking for anything. He just bought the lottery ticket to keep the peace with his lotto-enthusiastic co-workers. Eventually, he´s forced to think about what to do with such a big win, when his ticket hits the jackpot. And he soon realizes, that he is the only one not having an answer to that question. His wife Susanne already knows what to do with their new found wealth. His son Lutz also makes plans. The shock wave of this „lottobomb“ tears Torsten´s orderly world apart and leaves him with the question of who he really is.

Andreas Döhler, Carola Sigg, Levin Henning, Godehard Giese, Annika Ernst
Writer and Director: Fabian Möhrke  Cinematographer: Marco Armborst
Production Design: Maria Schöpe  Costume Design: Christian Röhrs
Editor: Thomas Krause Sound: Hannes Schulze
Production Manager: Marie Ebenhan Comm. Editor (ZDF): Milena Bonse
Co-Producers (cine plus): Frank Evers, Helge Neubronner, Andreas Eicher
Producers: Maxim Juretzka  Jost Hering


  • 47. Intl. Hofer Filmtage 2013
  • 62. Intl. Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg 2013
    International Discoveries Competition
  • 27. Intl. Filmfest Braunschweig 2013
    Neue deutsche Filme
  • 24. Kinofest Lünen 2013
    Lüdia  Competition
  • 5. Über Kurz oder Lang Filmfestival 2013
  • 10. achtung berlin – new berlin film award 2014


  •  Honorable Mention / Förderpreis Deutsches Kino (Hofer Filmtage),
    awarded by Bavaria Film, DZ Bank and Bayrischer Rundfunk.
    From the jury statement:
    „With great veracity, „Millions“ examines the corrosive effects of money on our individual freedoms. (…) Meticulously and elegant, the film describes the psychological downslide of its protagonists.“
  • Best feature film – new berlin film award (Achtung Berlin Film Festival 2014)
    donated by 25*p media support, Berlin
    From the jury statement:
    „(…)With his feature film debut, the director succeeds in accomplishing a very dense and universal parable about the ambivalence of luck (…)“.


  • German theatrical release: 3rd July 2014
  • Broadcast/ Free-TV premiere Germany: 2nd September 2014 (ZDF)
  • DVD-Release Germany: 16th October 2014


After the BuntFilm-produced and highly acclaimed middle-length film  „Philipp“,  „Millions“ follows as writer/director Fabian Möhrke´s feature film debut. „Millions“ was produced for ZDF´s „Das Kleine Fernsehspiel“, commissioned by Milena Bonse, and co-produced by BuntFilm, Jost Hering Filme and cine plus filmproduktion. The film also reunites Möhrke with cinematographer Marco Armborst, who also lensed „Philipp“, for which he was awarded the newcomer award of the Deutsche Kamerapreis 2011.

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