„the last lie“ (english)

Anja Knauer & Carlos Val in "Die letzte Lüge" A film by Jonas Grosch
Germany, 2011, 80 mins., HD, cinemascope

A romantic and contemplative Easter weekend in the country – that’s how Lucy (Katharina Wackernagel) and OIe (Leander Lichti) are imagining their spring holidays. What they don’t know of each other: each of them is having an affair. And on top of that: their respective lovers have chosen this very weekend to leave their partners and to give Ole and Lucy a surprise appearance at their doorstep. This blows the whistle for a dazzling round robin of „the tougher you lie, the more you’ll be loved“.

Chaos, entanglements, misunder-standings and most of all lies are now in play. While truth counts little on this weekend, the characters´ true emotions and desires are breaking trough in the songs they can’t help singing.

The last lie” is a wild screwball comedy musical about love, with a generous score, philosophical plumbers, and more than a kernel of truth in it. The perfect film for the whole family – and don’t forget to bring your affair! No kidding!

Starring: Katharina Wackernagel, Sebastian Schwarz, Leander Lichti, Marie Burchard, Lenn Kudrjawizki, Anja Knauer, Carlos Val, Fritz Roth, Veit Norek, with Sabine Wackernagel and Jörg Thadeusz.  

writer/director: Jonas Grosch director of photography: Matthias Hofmeister
costume design: Frank Bohn editor: Christoph Lumpe
sound/sound design: Veit Norek
sound mixer: Daniel Griese  production manager: Tara Biere
producers: Maxim Juretzka, Jost Hering, Katharina Wackernagel, Jonas Grosch

The film premiered as the opening film of the 7th Achtung Berlin – New Berlin Film Awards- Festival in April 2011, shortly before it´s limited opening in selected movie theatres all over Germany. This was accompanied by an extensive tour, where the film was presented to audiences by director Jonas Grosch, star Katharina Wackernagel and an acoustic formation of several members of german ska-legend THE BUSTERS, who also contributed most of the musical songs in the film as well as the score. Simultaneously, the film was released on DVD (through Lighthouse Home Entertainment) and made available on several German video-on-demand platforms, like maxdome, filmmit and others.
Meanwhile, German public broadcaster ZDF has acquired the TV-rights, the film will have its domestic TV-premiere April 2nd 2012.

In addition to the musical contributions of „The Busters“, the film also features songs by respected german independent groups BLACK CAT ZOOT from Frankfurt/Main and MARDI GRAS BB., as well as croatian band BILLY & THE KIDS. The soundtrack is available via Amazon.

Internationally, the film was first shown out of its country of origin at the  20th Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers Film Festival in China, in October 2011.

Intl. Press/ Reviews:

Link to INTERVIEW with director/writer Jonas Grosch in the „Mas y Mas“ December 2011 Edition of the newsletter of NISA MASA European network of young cinema.

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